Our Family Values.

Dennis and Valerie HoneymoonWe have both wanted children our whole lives. For various reasons, the blessing of children has so far been withheld. Since we met, we anticipated that adoption was in our future. We have been preparing our hearts and home, and we have spent a great deal of time discussing our parenting plans. Yes, we totally know that we will not be perfect parents. We will make mistakes, and I am sure that one or more therapy sessions may be needed for our children ūüėā but these are values that we try hard to exhibit with each other.


We value kindness. We have both seen how rude remarks, sarcasm, and anger can tear a family apart. We try every day to be kind to one another, even when tension is high and we are stressed and upset. We hope to teach our children to be kind to one another and to others. We believe that family is the best place to practice this value.

We value forgiveness. We know that we are going to make mistakes. We have made mistakes with each other, and we strive to be quick to forgive. We believe that most people do not intend to cause harm, hurt, or hard feelings. We believe in the goodness of people and try to forgive when we are hurt. We believe that it is important to acknowledge our parenting mistakes, and to ask forgiveness of our children when we make mistakes.

We value education and learning. As a school teacher, Dennis knows that people learn differently. We believe in helping our children be successful and adapting learning experiences to their individual needs. We expect our children to graduate high school and college with good grades, and we believe in encouraging them to find their passion.

_R3A9586We value fun and laughter. Since we have been married, there has not been a single day that we have not laughed at least once. We believe in being silly and in finding the humor in life’s situations. We feel that laughter and fun are essential to living a good life, and we plan to make our home as fun and happy as we can.

We believe in God. We know that He is our Father and that He loves us. We have faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, as the Savior of our souls. We pray together and we read scriptures together. While we do not always understand some of the challenges we are asked to face, we know that Heavenly Father loves us as a parent loves a child. Someday we will know the reasons behind all of our struggles and we will have joy with our families forever.

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