This is Valerie.

_R3A8705She is probably looking over at Dennis who is doing something silly to make her laugh. Valerie has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science that she does nothing with (she even occasionally ends sentences with a preposition). She often says that her degree helped her prove to herself that she secretly hated politics. She started out as a music major, focusing in vocal performance. Her lifelong goal has been to be a wife and mother, and she switched majors so that she could more fully focus on evening and weekend time with her family. 

Valerie works for a local OBGYN company as an Executive Assistant. She’s worked in that field for 13+ years. She loves the company where she works and will likely remain with them in some capacity as long as she remains in the job market. 

Valerie is generally a very happy person. She is outgoing and enjoys getting to know new people. She finds people to be fascinating. She loves to find out what motivates them and drives them, and will often point to a person walking down the street and wonder out loud what their life is like. Valerie is motivated by other people’s needs and wants. She loves to try to make other people, especially her family, comfortable and happy. 

In college, Valerie performed in a number of musical theatre productions in character roles. Her favorite role of all time was as Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. She loves to sing and dance, though these days it’s mostly around the house. Valerie has sung in many, many choirs over the years. She even made a CD that only her mom listens to. 

She likes to run in the early, early morning, but hates to run in the afternoon or evening. Valerie’s running playlist is exclusively Disney songs. She loves going to concerts with her hubby and really enjoys the vinyl collection they are building together. 

She’s a pretty okay gal, and her husband thinks she is all that. 

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