On rejection…

The same week that our home study was approved, we had the opportunity to submit our profile to an expectant mother who was choosing an adoption plan for her baby. We were so hopeful. We wrote a personal letter to her and we prayed that she would choose us.

She didn’t. We cried.

It reminded me a lot of dating. You may be the most awesome person in the world, but if the other person doesn’t love you or want to be with you, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You just have to move on. A good match (in dating/marriage or adoption) is mutual. Both parties have to be invested in the match for it to work. You can’t pray away someone else’s choice.

There is so much emotion involved in adoption. And the expectant mother has every right and responsibility to select an adoptive family that she feels is best for her baby. Our responsibility is to continue to be ourselves and hope that something about us resonates with an expectant mother.

So we move on and wait for the next opportunity to share who we are. Right now, we are grateful to even be considered as an adoptive family. It is a privilege to be in the running.

Thank you to everyone who is helping us connect with women considering an adoption plan. We appreciate you <3

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