Three years ago….

This… Little did we know three years ago where this little conversation would lead… #hopingtoadopt #hopefuladoptiveparents #adoption

We met online in the summer of 2015. Dennis said that he messaged me because he liked my photo with the pink cake (our friend Allie takes credit, and rightly so, for our introduction because she made that cake for my birthday). I messaged back because he was an English teacher, and I found that fascinating.

We messaged about 5 or 6 times that day, and then again the day after, and again the day after. Our messages became deep and emotionally intimate quite quickly, and we knew that we had made a connection that we had to explore further. We graduated to phone calls on Day 5, when the messages got way too long and had to be split into 3 parts b/c too many characters!

Our phone calls lasted for hours and hours, and we could not wait for work to be over so we could talk. The same emotional intimacy we had in our messages continued in our phone calls. We talked about everything! And we found that we had very similar philosophies on life, and very similar emotional styles. We met in-person three weeks later, and knew immediately we loved each other. He proposed about 45 days after we met in person.

We waited so long and experienced so much heartache before we found each other, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. Our past experiences are what make us the people we are today, and they are what we have used as a springboard to create a phenomenal marriage. We feel so grateful to have found each other. It feels wonderful to be married to a best friend. We approach our marriage as the most precious thing we have. We cherish each other, we uplift each other, and we make decisions every day to put the other first. We are so blessed to have had this wonderful beginning. <3

He’s gonna be a great dad!

It is so fun for me to watch Dennis with kids. Last Saturday, we went to the baptism of our good friend’s niece. She had received a nice framed photo with some ribbon around it, and she wanted to take the ribbon off so she could take a photo with it. She was struggling for a few minutes, and without a word, Dennis just went over to help. Later that day, our 3-year old niece experienced some mild trauma with her cousin of the same age pouring water on her. I picked her up and brought her in the house and Dennis was coming around the corner with a towel in hand. I absolutely love that he steps in to help in such practical ways. <3

This is Dennis.

_R3A8691.jpgIsn’t he dreamy? Dennis is a high school English teacher, and he’s really good at it. He’s been teaching for about 8 years. He has a Master’s in curriculum and instruction, and hopes to transition into training teachers and working on curriculum development. Dennis works hard to ensure that his students are learning, growing, and progressing. He is famous for giving them challenging assignments, and is happy when they put forth the effort to accomplish their goals.

Dennis an introvert. He does not enjoy big social gatherings, and more content watching the Super Bowl with his wife than with “the boys”.

Dennis is a poet, though not many people are lucky enough to be allowed to read his poems. Poetry is his personal outlet, much like a journal. He enjoys watching performance poets like Anis Mojgani. He also loves to create things… paintings, home improvement stuff, etc. 

He’s sensitive, deep, thoughtful, and principled. He stands for and defends the things he believes in.

When he is not working, Dennis spends time listening to and collecting vinyl records. His favorite bands are Radiohead, The Shins, The Decemberists, and Elliott Smith, but you can also catch him emphatically rapping along to 90s rap. It took his wife by surprise the first time she experienced Slick Rick’s Children’s Story come out of Dennis’ mouth! His tastes are varied, and he can listen to classical, post rock, indie, rap, alternative, hipster, emo, and so many other genres that his wife has a hard time keeping up.

Dennis played basketball in high school, until a knee injury thwarted his dreams of being a Kentucky Wildcat. He thoroughly enjoys sports and has introduced Valerie to the Super Bowl, March Madness, and shows like Pardon the Interruption and The Dan Patrick Show.

Dennis enjoys traveling, going to concerts with his wife, watching sports, and doing anything and everything he can to make Valerie happy.