Our Favorites

Vacation location

  • Dennis: New York City
  • Valerie: San Francisco or Disneyland
  • Audrey: anywhere

Outdoor Activities

  • Dennis: Camping
  • Valerie: Hammock Sitting 🙂
  • Audrey: Rock collecting


  • Dennis: Football
  • Valerie: Any sport Dennis is watching.
  • Audrey: Climbing


  • Dennis: Collecting vinyl records
  • Valerie: Puzzles and LEGOs
  • Audrey: Moving things from one place to another


  • Dennis: Lord of the Flies
  • Valerie: Anything Jane Austen
  • Audrey: My First 100 Words (particularly the food page)

School Subject

  • Dennis: English
  • Valerie: History or Music
  • Audrey: School?


  • Dennis: Fried Chicken.
  • Valerie: Mexican Food.
  • Audrey: Scrambled eggs, but only cooked the Gordon Ramsay way


  • Dennis: Pig and Penguin
  • Valerie: Dogs
  • Audrey: Dogs


  • Dennis: Radiohead and Elliott Smith
  • Valerie: The Beatles, The Features, Regina Spektor, and many others.
  • Audrey: Frozen 2 Soundtrack


  • Dennis: Dead Poets Society
  • Valerie: The Princess Bride
  • Audrey: Signing Time

(This isn’t so much a favorite, but it’s who we are) Our personalities

  • Dennis: passionate and principled, introverted, smart, thoughtful, witty.
  • Valerie: Fun, happy, analytical, spiritually connected.
  • Audrey: Happy, adventurous, friendly, funny.