Dennis and Valerie have shared laughs, friendship and lots of love. Their love continues to grow along with faith and humor. They will be amazing parents because of their commitment to each other and their determination to focus on building an eternal family.


Dennis and Valerie are a power couple. I’m related to these two so I know first-hand how they value family and relationships. Valerie has a sweet loving personality, something vital to any family. Dennis brings a quirky fun aspect to their marriage and even offers in-house essay writing help! They value their marriage very dearly, and it’s the center of their relationship. Love, compassion, and family would be the three words I’d choose to describe them.


Well I’ve known Dennis all his life! You don’t want to know what I know! Jk Dennis is my cousin he’s kind, and smart & he’s amazing with kids. I love his poetry he’s super talented. He’s going to be an amazing dad! Love you cuz.


I want to share three things that I know about Valerie that tell of her character.

1) I served with her in Primary (the children’s organization at church) for a short time, but during that time I watched as those little children loved, embraced and engaged her as she led singing time, taught them songs and told them stories. Adults and children love Valerie as she is kind, genuine and delightful. And she was always there to fulfill her calling each week with a smile on her face. She was a joy to serve with! Like a ray of sunshine!

2) One year she needed quite a bit of money to pay her tithing in full. She didn’t have the money so she chose to sell her car in order to pay her tithing! She then walked two miles to work each day for a few months until she had saved enough money to buy another car!
*as told to me by my primary aged children.

*Valerie edit: it was actually more like a half a mile, but round-trip, including coming home for lunch, it was two miles for the day 😂 Gotta love kids!

3) Valerie is the type of person that if someone were to walk into church with the bottom of their skirt tucked up into their waistband and parade up the aisle, she would quietly get up and go sit next to that person once they were seated and pretend like she needed to be there to talk about something else, but then casually mention the skirt issue so it could be resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. That is the type of person Valerie is! She’s the friend that’s “got your back” so that it isn’t exposed to everyone else!😉🤦🏻‍♀️😂


Valerie has an angelic vibe about her. She is full of love, patience and kindness. She has a gift for finding a way to be on someone’s level and understanding/validating then wherever they are at. She values her friends and family and it really shows in the genuine way she interacts with them. She has personally impacted my life by loving me from the moment we met. Truly an impactful person that anyone would be extremely blessed to have in their lives.


I’ve had the amazing privilege of working with Valerie for the past six years and more so in the recent year or two. Valerie is the most kind, patient, loving, tender hearted person I know! Everything she does, she does with a smile and a positive outlook. She is extremely patient and calm in any situation that comes her way which is an amazing trait to have especially with children. Her love for her husband Dennis is something that only comes once in a lifetime and any child to witness and be a part of their love will be beyond blessed! I cannot wait to witness Dennis and Valerie become parents because there isn’t any two people that are more ready, excited, and capable to open up their loving arms and Home to a beautiful baby!
Love you Valerie and you will be the BEST mom ever!


Valerie is so caring and I don’t think I’ve ever met someone as nice as her. She is always putting others needs above her own and she would make a great mother. Dennis is also very caring and he has a sense of humor that everyone loves. He is great with kids and anyone would be blessed to have him as a father.


This mom-to-be was a life saver for me as a young woman. She’s tough, funny, smart, and is very committed to her personal values. She’s a great example of what a good woman should be, there’s no way Valerie wouldn’t be the best mom ever to any child that adopted her 😊


I am blessed to call Valerie one of my very best friends. We met at church choir and just clicked! I had the joy of watching them meet, fall in love, and get married. And now, they’re ready for the next step in their journey. Please consider them for adoption. You won’t find a more honest, loving, and funny couple! They go out of their way to help and serve others, which I admire. Valerie has brightened my day many times by dropping by and sometimes even bringing a treat or flowers. Dennis is soulful and artistic, which shows through his art and love of music. These two truly are the ultimate package.


This amazing couple want to be parents. And although I have tried to tell them that when their children become teenagers they will want out they are still persevering!!! 😂 They are both fun loving, quirky, spiritual, intelligent and have so many other great qualities. They would be the very best parents out there.

Mary R.