I want to share three things that I know about Valerie that tell of her character.

1) I served with her in Primary (the children’s organization at church) for a short time, but during that time I watched as those little children loved, embraced and engaged her as she led singing time, taught them songs and told them stories. Adults and children love Valerie as she is kind, genuine and delightful. And she was always there to fulfill her calling each week with a smile on her face. She was a joy to serve with! Like a ray of sunshine!

2) One year she needed quite a bit of money to pay her tithing in full. She didn’t have the money so she chose to sell her car in order to pay her tithing! She then walked two miles to work each day for a few months until she had saved enough money to buy another car!
*as told to me by my primary aged children.

*Valerie edit: it was actually more like a half a mile, but round-trip, including coming home for lunch, it was two miles for the day 😂 Gotta love kids!

3) Valerie is the type of person that if someone were to walk into church with the bottom of their skirt tucked up into their waistband and parade up the aisle, she would quietly get up and go sit next to that person once they were seated and pretend like she needed to be there to talk about something else, but then casually mention the skirt issue so it could be resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. That is the type of person Valerie is! She’s the friend that’s “got your back” so that it isn’t exposed to everyone else!😉🤦🏻‍♀️😂